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Iraq War Strategy

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by Layth

It has now been just over 18 months since the armies of the US and its “coalition of the willing” crossed the borders of Kuwait and other “undisclosed” border nations to invade and occupy the Republic of Iraq. The daily news of Iraqi casualties, cities being bombed, prisoners being tortured, hostages being taken, number of “insurgents” killed, and number of US soldiers being killed, etc. has become so frequent that most of our senses have been numbed and we have moved on with our lives as if this ongoing tragedy is a normal part of daily news and life.

While the stated reasons for invasion fluctuated from “weapons of mass destruction” to “regime change” to “fighting terrorism” to “stopping a civil war,” it is the Islamic view on the actions of invading a sovereign nation and subjugating its people to occupation that shall be the subject of this paper.

Iraq Invades Kuwait – August 1990

To speak clearly and justly of the current situation in Iraq it is crucial to start at the very beginning of the road which led to the current invasion – the Iraqi occupation of Kuwait (1990-1991).

On August 1990, and after a build-up of political and economic confrontations between Iraq and Kuwait regarding Kuwait’s unregulated oil production which pushed down world oil prices (thus reducing Iraq’s income) as well as accusations by Iraq of Kuwait siphoning vast quantities of Iraqi oil during the Iran-Iraq war due to slanted oil drilling on shared border regions, the government of Iraq (led by its President Saddam Hussein) decided to militarily invade Kuwait thus extending his nation’s control over a large section of the Middle East oil resources as well as opening a proper sea front for Iraq which has been an issue since the borders of Iraq and Kuwait were drawn by the mischievous Sykes-Picot agreement of 1916.

The history that led up to the Iraq-Kuwait conflict has been recorded in many publications and is not the subject of this paper.

In 1991 a massive military force being led by the United States and involving the majority member states of the United Nations was able to dislodge the Iraqi army from Kuwait after a massive air campaign aimed at the military forces and the infrastructure inside Iraq. This Iraqi retreat from Kuwait was followed by a “cease-fire” agreement with the government of Iraq in March 1991 and the forced acceptance of UN resolution 687 in April 1991.

The key points to the UN resolution 687 can be highlighted as follows:

  • Iraq shall dismantle all chemical, nuclear, biological, and even certain conventional weapons programs under UN inspections. 

  • Iraq shall be financially liable for all damages to Kuwait, damage to the environment, all expenses incurred by foreign nations to expel Iraq from Kuwait, all compensation for loss of life or property or damage to foreign nationals or governments as a result of the invasion and subsequent war.

  • Sanctions on technology, weapons, materials, and specific goods and products shall be imposed on Iraq.

As an addition (but not part of resolution 687), the US and UK took it upon themselves to impose “no-fly-zones” which they put into effect covering Iraq’s northern and southern territory.

While the nations and people of the world may not have had any issues with the ending of the conflict in this manner, it is up to us to compare how the laws of God (as transmitted to us through the Holy Quran) would judge the 1990-1991 conflict and what measures should have been taken.

Believer Vs. Believer

Although both the Iraqi and Kuwaiti governments at the time of the 1990 invasion would be considered as “dictatorships/monarchies” who are far from being Islamic, the bulk of the populations of Iraq and Kuwait who do the living, fighting, and dying are Muslims who believe and accept the message of the Quran as delivered by Prophet Mohammed over 1,400 years ago. Thus in resolving the conflict that had ensued between the two peoples would entail the following law as revealed from the Almighty:

“And if two parties of believers battle with each other, you shall reconcile them; but if one of them aggresses against the other, then you shall fight the one aggressing until it complies with God's command. Once it complies, then you shall reconcile the two groups with justice, and be equitable; for God loves those who are equitable. The believers are brothers; so reconcile between your brothers, and be aware of God, that you may receive mercy.” (Quran 49:9-10)

When comparing the above law with what actually occurred in 1991, here are the differences:

1.       Try to reconcile them.

Out of political circumstance (and not as a result of attempting to follow the divine law) both Egypt and Saudi Arabia had spearheaded various negotiations prior to the 1990 invasion which failed when Kuwait withdrew from talks.

2.       If reconciliation fails, then fight the aggressor.

This was achieved when the coalition of nations led by the US was able to push Iraq out of Kuwait (though it must be mentioned that there was excessive use of force with the bombing of army units and infrastructure facilities inside Iraq not related to the conflict as well as the infamous “highway of death” massacre which took the lives of over 10,000 Iraqi soldiers on their retreat from Kuwait).

3.       Once the aggressor complies, then reconcile with justice.

This is where the laws of God were totally ignored and where the seeds of humiliation, suffering, and future wars were planted. Not only were the grievances that Iraq had with Kuwait (and which led to the invasion) totally ignored, but the victors of the war (the US and its allies) also saw fit to impose unjust conditions on the nation of Iraq ranging from sanctions, to territorial no fly zones, to an unbearable financial compensation requirement that went beyond the damages and losses resulting from Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait, but that it was also required to compensate all expenses incurred by the nations that came to liberate Kuwait (i.e. US and its allies) thus creating a “free-for-all” where Iraq’s resources could be pillaged through compensation claims, death and damage claims, and a long list of endless expenses that could see no end.

Can Iraq Own Weapons?

Other than the sanctions and the burden of unjust compensation requirements, there was also the issue of the ban set in resolution 687 that forbade Iraq from possessing, owning, or developing various weapons. When comparing this UN rule to the Quran’s law, we find that the Quran permits all nations to posses weapons at all times for both self-defense and also to deter the state’s enemies from undertaking or planning covert or overt hostile action.

“And muster for them all that you can of might, and from the steeds of war, that you may instil fear with it towards God’s enemy and your enemy, and others beside them whom you do not know but God knows them. And whatever you spend in the cause of God will be returned to you, and you will not be wronged.” (Quran 8:60)

To ban Iraq’s possession, development, and ownership of weapons has nothing to do with “justice” but is based on mischievous goals and hidden agendas of “softening-up” the nation of Iraq for any future full scale invasion or military aggression if required (and which did happen).

The Sanction Years (1991-2003)

When reviewing the laws of God with UN resolution 687, we find that the resolution becomes null & void as it has been built upon injustice and falsehood. The fact that the Iraqi government has accepted the terms of this resolution based on their military defeat in 1991 is also null & void as laws that contradict the laws of God cannot be allowed to stand even if all parties have agreed to them.

The years between 1991-2003 were the years of misery and hardship for the men, women, and children of Iraq. According to UNICEF’s report, from 1991-1996 over 500,000 children had as a direct result of sanctions and many more were infected with various diseases and deformities.

The sanctions not only targeted Iraq’s weapons ownership, but also banned crucially important items like “chlorine, ambulances, pencils, x-ray machines, batteries, etc.” which adversely affected the quality of health and life (see for details of banned items).

The final toll of how many Iraqis died or were permanently incapacitated by the sanctions was estimated to be in the 2 million range (mostly children). While some people may view this number as an acceptable “casualty of war,” there are others who view matters with the eyes of justice and will be quick to compare this number to the total Kuwaiti losses of around 2,000 lives throughout the 1990-1991 conflict (and let’s not forget to throw in the estimated 100,000 Iraqi soldiers who were killed in 1991 as a result of the massive aerial bombing campaign and the Highway of Death massacre).

To get a direct response from the then Secretary of State Madeline Albright regarding the mass suffering and death of the people of Iraq when she was asked if the “price was worth it”:

“…we think the price is worth it.” (Madeleine Albright, in a 1996 CBS Lesley Stahl interview, when asked whether 500,000 dead Iraqi children was too high a price to pay).

The Invasion – March 2003

After the 12 years of sanctions, bombings, no fly zones, and weapons dismantling, the brave forces of the US and its “coalition of the willing” felt it was safe enough to now invade and occupy the sovereign nation of Iraq and establish a new dawn for the Middle East under the new vision of Imperial America.

In exposing the unjustness and falsehoods that were placed into effect against Iraq and its people ever since 1991, it becomes evidently clear how the invasion of 2003 was nothing but a continuation of the falsehood and a further attempt to undermine the laws of God that are to govern our world.

“And judge between them by what God has sent down, and do not follow their wishes, and beware lest they divert you away from some of what God has sent down to you. If they turn away, then know that God wants to inflict them with some of their sins; and most of the people are corrupt. Is it the judgment of the days of ignorance that they seek? Who is better than God as a judge for a people that comprehend? (Quran 5:49-50)

While the true reasons behind the sanctions and subsequent invasion may vary between “oil” to “Greater Israel” to “having leverage over Europe and China”…That is again not the subject of this paper.

Freedom From Occupation (April 2003-Ongoing)

Once the US army and its allies managed to occupy Iraq and defeat its remaining active forces, a new breed of warriors emerged from among the populace being the “Resistance Fighters” that were a mix between military units, government officials, special intelligence units, Arab mujahideen, Islamic fighters, and nationalists.

The Resistance movement benefited greatly from the large stash of weapons distributed all across Iraq and from the incoherent policies that were emerging from the occupation where they disbanded the Iraqi army, opened the country’s resources for looting, constructed walls and compounds for their forces, and, most importantly, they made sure to humiliate the Iraqi man and woman on a daily basis through checkpoints, curfews, night raids, mass arrests, torture, rape, murder, and all the other attributes that an invading army carries with it.

It is time to now categorize the various occupation/invasion groups operating in the Iraqi theater and to give the legal ruling according to the Almighty for dealing with each and every one of them. A breakdown of other war related issues will be highlighted after the groupings are made.

Invading Soldiers – Regular Army

“And fight in the cause of God against those who fight you, but do not transgress, God does not like the aggressors. And kill them wherever you find them, and expel them from where they expelled you, and know that persecution is worse than being killed. And do not fight them at the restricted Temple unless they fight you in it; if they fight you then kill them, thus is the reward of the disbelievers.” (Quran 2:190-191)

Invading soldiers are to be killed whenever and wherever they are found unless they surrender or completely withdraw from the areas they have invaded. In the case of Iraq, the daily attacks and killing of US and “coalition” soldiers is perfectly legitimate and authorized until their complete withdrawal or surrender.

Mercenaries – Freelance Fighters

“And We have decreed for them in it that a life for a life, and an eye for an eye, and a nose for a nose, and an ear for an ear, and a tooth for a tooth, and wounds to be similar; and whoever remits anything of it, then it will cancel sins for him. And whoever does not judge by what God has sent down, then these are the wicked.” (Quran 5:45)

These are morally disturbed individuals who kill and fight for money and are not part of an invading nation’s army nor do they fall directly under its command (many times they carry out their own missions/agendas and can leave after their spree of murder as and when they please). These are to be treated as common criminals who are out to murder and plunder. Their fate is to be captured or killed wherever and whenever they are found since they are by default armed trespassers on Iraqi sovereign soil. If they are taken prisoner, then they may be tried and even executed depending on the severity of the crimes they are convicted of.

Traitors – Spies  - Collaborators

“The recompense of those who fight God and His messenger, and seek to make corruption in the land, is that they will be killed or crucified or that their hands and feet be cut off on alternate sides or that they be banished from the land; that is a disgrace for them in this world and in the Hereafter they will have a great retribution. Except for those who repent before you overpower them, then know that God is Forgiving, Merciful.” (Quran 5:33-34)

This section of people is the most vile. They mingle with the people as if they are with them, but then would pass on information to the invaders regarding formations, weapons, readiness, battle plans and locations. This group by far causes the most set-backs for the Resistance Fighters as entire formations and plans may be destroyed by the inside information they posses. This group not only includes informants and spies, but also covers people like the “Iraqi Occupational Government” who are working as collaborators for the enemy.

If a person is proven to be amongst this category, then he/she may be killed on the spot, or crucified and made as a public example, or made disabled by the cutting off of an alternate hand and foot, or banished permanently from the land…However, if a traitor/spy/collaborator comes clean and repents before being captured or discovered, then they may be spared.

Iraqi Occupation Soldiers – Iraqi Occupation Police

“You will find others who want to be safe amongst you and safe amongst their own people. Every time they are returned to the test, they fall back in it. If they do not withdraw from you, and offer you peace, and restrain their hands, then you shall take them and kill them where you find them. For these We have given you a clear authority.” (Quran 4:91)

Though these people are “Iraqi” in nationality, they are an extension of the invading army and its objectives. These Iraqi occupation soldiers and police serve to keep the invader in-place and protected by acting as the first line of defense against Resistance Fighter attacks and they serve to further protect the invader by conducting search & seizure against people and weapons who would otherwise be used to attack the invading forces. 

These soldiers and police are to be attacked and killed without hesitation until they conform to the laws of God and cease fighting with and for the occupation and its installed government.

Logistic Support (Truck Drivers, Contractors, Cooks, etc.)

“When you were on the near side, and they were on the far side, then the supply line became directly beneath you. And had you planned for this meeting, you would have disagreed on its timing, but God was to enforce a command that was already done. So that He would destroy those to be destroyed with proof, and to let those who will live be alive with proof. God is Hearer, Knowledgeable.” (Quran 8:42)

Again, these are an “extension” of the invading army and fall under the same ruling that it does. Without the logistics of food, fuel, ammunition, clothes, etc. the invading army would not have the ability to fight and to hold its positions. Attacking and destroying supply lines ands logistic support is not only permissible, but is a requirement to put an end to the invading forces.  

Taking Prisoners Of War

“And it was not for any prophet to take prisoners unless it was in battle. You desire the materials of this world, while God wants the Hereafter for you. God is Noble, Wise.” (Quran 8:67)


“O prophet, say to those prisoners whom you hold: “If God finds in your hearts any good, He will grant you better than what He took from you, and He will forgive you. God is Forgiving, Merciful.” (Quran 8:70)


“So, if you encounter those who have rejected, then strike their flanks until you overcome them, then bind them securely. You may either set them free or ransom them, until the war ends. And had God willed, He alone could have beaten them, but He thus tests you by one another. As for those who get killed in the cause of God, He will never let their deeds be put to waste.” (Quran 47:4)

Since the invasion of Iraq has officially begun in 2003, all invading forces and their logistic support groups may be taken as prisoners of war. Prisoners are to be treated with kindness at all times and may be ransomed or held until the war ends and the invaders are driven out. Prisoners may not be executed at any point.

Please note that spies/traitors/collaborators are not to be dealt with as POW’s and must be executed, punished, or exiled – they may not be ransomed or simply released. As for mercenaries and freelance fighters, they are to be treated as common criminals who are to be tried and even executed if found guilty of murder or other crimes.

Other Targets/Issues

Treaties And Agreements

“And fight in the cause of God against those who fight you, but do not transgress, God does not like the aggressors. And kill them wherever you find them, and expel them from where they expelled you, and know that persecution is worse than being killed. And do not fight them at the restricted Temple unless they fight you in it; if they fight you then kill them, thus is the reward of the disbelievers.” (Quran 2:190-191)

As long as any part of Iraq remains under occupation, then no treaties, negotiations, or ceasefires may be entered into with the occupation forces, its representatives, or its installed occupational government until the occupier has completely surrendered or has been fully driven out from all lands and locations inside Iraq. No respite or sanctuary is to be given to the invaders no matter what losses the defenders may have taken.

Although there have been many instances where treaties or negotiations were entered into after a spree of fighting (such as Falluja, Talafar, and Najaf) these treaties and negotiations are renounced as being null and void under the laws of the Quran.

United Nations

“And if they are told: ‘Do not make evil in the land,’ they Say: ‘But we are the reformers!’ No, they are the evildoers, but they do not perceive.” (Quran 2:11-12)

This is one of the most legitimate targets in the current conflict as the UN is directly responsible for planting the seeds of the occupation since 1991 and is directly responsible for the death of over 2 million Iraqis. The UN is an illegitimate organization established by the victors of WWII to be a front for their imperialistic goals and to help spread injustice, oppression, and falsehood (let us not forget that it was the illegitimate UN which gave the Israeli occupation of Palestine a cover in 1948 by declaring its recognition of the “State of Israel”).

Foreign Embassies

All embassies in Iraq belonging to nations involved in the invasion are legitimate targets. In addition, all embassies acting as fronts for spying and/or covert operations also become targets.

Aid Agencies

Unless these agencies are a cover for spying or covert military operations, then they may not be attacked.

Oil Facilities – Infrastructure

Any source that can be used to provide funding, assistance, or comfort to the invading army must be completely destroyed. If the invaders can extend their power and length of occupation through the sale of Iraq’s oil resources, then such resources must be made unavailable to them…Since oil is the largest natural resource of the people for Iraq, then the destruction of its wells, refineries, and pipelines will ensure that this resource remains below ground for use by the people and government of Iraq when the occupation has been driven out and a free national government re-established. 

Suicide Bombings/Missions

“O you who believe, do not consume your money between you unjustly, except through a trade which is mutually agreed by you. And do not kill yourselves; God is Merciful towards you. And whoever does so out of animosity and transgression, We will cast him to a Fire; and this for God is very easy.” (Quran 4:29-30)

Suicide bombings/attacks are only permitted if they are being done as part of a battle plan or out of battle necessity and are not carried out as an act of despair against God or from life (i.e. not being done out of “animosity, or transgression”).

Examples where this strategy may be used are enemy targets that are heavily fortified/armored and where a “conventional” attack would cost the lives of many Resistance Fighters and inflict few enemy losses.

Dragging Corpses, Mutilating Bodies

"So God sent forth a raven to scratch the land and show him how to deal with the wickedness inflicted upon his brother. He said: “O my, am I not able to be like this raven and deal with the wickedness inflicted upon my brother!” So he became of those who regretted." (Quran 5:31)

It is not permissible for the Resistance or any other group fighting the invaders to mutilate the dead bodies of invaders or their supporters nor may such bodies be dragged and paraded. The dead are to be buried as God has commanded us irrespective of who the dead person is or what crimes he had committed.

That the invaders do mutilate the bodies of dead Iraqis and Resistance Fighters or that they run them over with their tanks is no justification for doing the same. Whomsoever whishes to be granted victory from God must abide by His rules and His system at all times.

God’s Law = Absolute Victory

It is not surprising in this war to listen to “so called” Muslims, and Muslim leaders, who speak of how powerful the forces arrayed against the Resistance Fighters are and how defeating them militarily is an impossibility…They speak of the need for “peaceful protest” and that the only way to drive the invaders out is through “negotiations” and “elections”…These people have revealed the hypocrisy in their hearts and that they are truly non-believers.

“God already knows which of you are the hinderers, and those who say to their brothers: ‘Come and stay with us.’ Rarely do they mobilize for battle. They are miserable towards you. Then, when fear comes, you see their eyes rolling, as if death had already come to them. But once the fear is gone, they lash-out at you with sharp tongues. They are miserable towards doing any good. These have not believed, so God nullifies their works. This is easy for God to do.” (Quran 33:18-19)

They have revealed with their mouths what is inside their hearts…They have forgotten in their fear of the occupier that the Lord of the Universe controls all matters, that He controls visible and invisible armies, that He controls the very atoms that make-up all people and objects, that He controls the hearts of men…In their fear they forgot how God turned the fires that were about to burn Abraham into cold and calm (21:69), they forgot how God put to sleep the youths in the cave for 300 years as a sign for mankind (18:25), they forgot how God drowned the mighty armies of Pharaoh and let the Children of Israel inherit their wealth (10:90), they forgot that God is able to raise the dead and bring death to the living…

While the Resistance Fighters of Iraq have undertaken the mammoth task of fighting the largest military force (and its allies) on Earth, of fighting without having air coverage, of fighting without having armored vehicles, of fighting without having bullet proof vests, of fighting without having night vision and infra-red imaging, of fighting without having satellite photos and GPS accuracy…They have nevertheless by the grace of God managed to inflict some of the heaviest casualties on the invading troops with tens of thousands being evacuated for injuries (source), and thousands being killed (between US soldiers, mercenaries, green card holders, and foreign troops).

“It was not you who killed them, but it was God who killed them. And it was not you who launched when you did, but it was God who launched. And so that the believers would be tested well by God. God is Hearer, Knowledgeable.’” (Quran 8:17)

With minor adjustments to their current techniques and strategies (such as increasing attacks on Iraqi Occupation Police and Soldiers, renouncing any negotiations or treaties with the invaders or their installed Iraqi occupational government), the Resistance Fighters will be set for the guaranteed victory that comes from God’s support if we were to accept and follow His laws alone.

“If God grants you victory then none can defeat you, and if He abandons you then who can grant you victory after Him? And towards God the believers should put their trust.” (Quran 3:160)


“O you who believe, if you support God, He will support you, and make your foothold firm.” (Quran 47:7)

It is physically impossible for any force, no matter how powerful, to defeat an army which is supported by God…Neither numbers nor technology nor arms will be a factor in such a conflict, for the party of God will always be the winners.

Battle Strategy

This section is dedicated to the sharing of certain battle strategies and tips that have been ascertained from the holy Quran:

Keep Organization And Planning Low Key

“And recall when you were but a few who were weak in the land, you were fearful that men might capture you. But He sheltered you, and He supported you with His victory, and He provided you with good provisions, so that you may be thankful.” (Quran 8:26)

Develop Weapons And Secure Funding

“And prepare for them all that you can of might, and from the steeds of war, that you may instil fear with it towards God’s enemy and your enemy, and others beside them whom you do not know but God knows them. And whatever you spend in the cause of God will be returned to you, and you will not be wronged.” (Quran 8:60)

Elect Leadership

“And those who have responded to their Lord, and they hold the contact-method, and their affairs are conducted by mutual consultation among themselves, and from Our provisions to them they give.” (Quran 42:38)

Mobilize Troops

“O you who believe, what is wrong with you when you are told: “March forth in the cause of God,” you become heavy on Earth. Have you become content with this worldly life over the Hereafter? The enjoyment of this worldly life compared to the Hereafter is nothing.” (Quran 9:38)


“March forth in light gear or heavy gear, and strive with your money and lives in the cause of God. That is best if you knew.” (Quran 9:41)

Attack Supply Lines 

“When you were on the near side, and they were on the far side, then the supply line became directly beneath you. And had you planned for this meeting, you would have disagreed on its timing, but God was to enforce a command that was already done. So that He would destroy those to be destroyed with proof, and to let those who will live be alive with proof. God is Hearer, Knowledgeable.” (Quran 8:42)

Coordinate Attacks

“God loves those who fight in His cause as one column; they are like bricks in a wall.” (Quran 61:4)

Strike Enemy Formations

“So, if you encounter those who have rejected, then strike their formations until you overcome them, then bind them securely. You may either set them free or ransom them, until the war ends. And had God willed, He alone could have beaten them, but He thus tests you by one another. As for those who get killed in the cause of God, He will never let their deeds be put to waste.” (Quran 47:4)

Follow Orders

“And obey God and His messenger, and do not dispute else you will fail and your momentum will depart, and be patient. God is with the patient ones.” (Quran 8:46)

Scout Battle Terrain And Positions

“Recall when you departed from your family to prepare for the believers their stations for battle, and God is Hearer, Knowledgeable.” (Quran 3:121)

Number Of Fighters Irrelevant To Outcome

“God had granted you victory at Badr while you had been the lesser, so revere God that you may be thankful. When you said to the believers: “Is it not enough for you that God would supply you with three thousand of the Angels sent down?” Indeed, if you are patient and are righteous and they come and attack you, He will supply you with five thousand of the Angels battle trained.” (Quran 3:124-125)

Hold Your Ground

“O you who believe; when you encounter those who have rejected on the battlefield, then do not flee from them. And whoever on that day flees from them; unless it is part of the battle strategy or if he is retreating back to his group; then he has drawn God’s wrath upon him, and his abode will be Hell. What a miserable destiny.” (Quran 8:15-16)


“O you who believe, when you meet a force, stand firm and mention God excessively, that you may succeed.” (Quran 8:45)

Attack Bases Of Traitors/Collaborators

“And if you are being betrayed by a people, then you shall likewise move against them. God does not like the betrayers.” (Quran 8:58)

Encourage Populace To Fight Or Defend

“O prophet, urge the believers to fight. If there are twenty of you who are patient, they will defeat two hundred. And if there are one hundred of you, they will defeat one thousand from amongst those who reject; that is because they are a people who do not comprehend.” (Quran 8:65)

Focus On Enemy Losses

“If you are wounded, then know that the other group is also wounded. And such are the days, We alternate them between the people, so that God will know those who believe, and so He may make witnesses from among you; and God does not like the wicked.” (Quran 3:140)

Change Plans That Do Not Work

“And so it was when you suffered setback; even though you afflicted them with twice as much setback; you said: ‘Where is this coming from?’ Say: ‘It is from yourselves.’ God is capable of all things.” (Quran 3:165)

Replace Leadership If Killed Or Captured, Focus On Final Goal

“And Mohammed is but a messenger, like many messengers that have passed before him. If he dies or is killed will you turn back on your heels? And whoever turns back on his heels, he will not harm God in the least. And God will reward the thankful.” (Quran 3:144)

Remember The Hereafter

“And if you are killed in the cause of God or die, then forgiveness from God and mercy is far greater than all they can put together. And if you die or are killed, then to God you will be gathered.” (Quran 3:157-158)


“And do not think that those who are killed in the sake of God are dead. No, they are alive at their Lord receiving a bounty. Happy with what God has granted them from His favour, and they rejoice for those who have yet to follow after them. There is no fear over them nor do they grieve. They rejoice with God’s bounty and favour; God will not waste the reward of the believers.” (Quran 3:169-171)

Trust In God

“The ones who the people said to them: “The people have gathered against you, so be fearful of them,” but it only increased their faith and they said: “God is enough for us, and He is the best to put our trust in.” (Quran 3:173)


“And when the believers saw the opponents, they said: “This is what God and His messenger have promised us, and God and His messenger are truthful.” This only increased their faith and their surrender.” (Quran 33:22)

After The Liberation

As the day of complete victory for the Resistance Fighters comes, then the fighting may be stopped as long as the invaders have totally surrendered or completely withdrawn from all the lands and areas of Iraq and their installed occupational government has been disbanded or fled. The invader will then be required to pay compensation for all damages that had resulted from the invasion and to make reparation for all Iraqi people killed or injured, businesses lost, infrastructure destroyed, etc.

“And if they cease, then God is Forgiving, Merciful. And fight them so there is no more persecution, and so that the system is God’s. If they cease, then there will be no aggression except against the wicked.” (Quran 2:192-193)

That Iraq will be liberated from the forces of occupation is a certainty based on adhering to the rules of engagement and the laws stipulated by God. What needs to be introduced at this stage is a plan for what will occur “after” the liberation.

The scenario of a civil war in Iraq that has been propagated by the media is an extremely remote possibility based on the high level of tolerance that has existed historically in the region between Sunnis, Shia, Turkmen, Kurds, Christians, Jews, Atheists, Agnostics, etc. The people of Iraq are more likely to establish regional governments and administrations based on geographic and tribal strength and customs…

What is proposed in this paper is for a unifying constitution which establishes freedom and rights of all people (irrespective of race, religion, or background) to be implemented and propagated amongst the population in preparation for the inevitable collapse of the occupation and its installed government.

Such a constitution is already in existence and has been written specifically for a post-occupation Iraq that is both free and independent.

The constitution, as well as a summary of its points, can be read at the following links:

http://www.ProgressiveMuslims.Org/Iraq_Constitution_English.pdf (English)

http://www.ProgressiveMuslims.Org/Iraq_Constitution_Arabic.pdf (Arabic)

http://www.ProgressiveMuslims.Org/iraq.htm (Summary of Points)

Once Iraq and its people are free, and once the base-model for freedom and rights under a true Islamic system is established, then will freedom from tyranny and oppression and occupation be the norm for the Middle East and a beacon for the nations of the world.


“…And whoever does not judge by what God has sent down, then these are the rejecters.” (Quran 5:44)


“…And whoever does not judge by what God has sent down, then these are the wicked.” (Quran 5:45)


“…And whoever does not judge by what God has sent down, then these are the vile ones.” (Quran 5:47)

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