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The Human And The Process Of Rememberance

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by idolfree

Peace be upon you,

The God asks us to witness the penetration of the day and night;

(31:29) Do you not see that The God makes the night to penetrate in the daytime, and He makes the daytime to penetrate in the night, and He subjugated the sun and the moon, each flows to an identified term and that The God with what you do?

This process of the day penetrating the night and night penetrating the day is a process that can only be witnessed because the sun follows the word written upon it by The God, and the moon follows the word written upon it by The God. This process is one that can be witnessed twice each day, at dawn and dusk. Why are these times important? What does witnessing these times of penetration bring forth?

Consciousness and Subconscious

(36:36) Glory (to) Who created the pairs, all of it, from what the Earth grows, and from their souls (anfusihim- **nafs**) and from what they do not know.

If you contemplate on your self, you will come to realize that you are made of two different aspects. We can call these the Consciousness (The Will) and the Subconscious/Soul (NAFS). The Consciousness is that part of us that perceives the mental and physical worlds, but is imperceptible itself. It is THAT which wills changes, but cannot be willed or influenced to change. The Subconscious is that which carries out what the Consciousness wills. So we can identify the function of the Consciousness as “the potential to do” and the function of the Subconscious/Soul (NAFS) as “the power to do”. The Human Being was created to be a function in the world, not an entity. The Consciousness is not a faculty within us, but the expression of who we are. The God created us to SERVE Him. To be a function in the world, not an entity, which can develop an ego making it separate from all other CONSCIOUSNESS. There is one CONSCIOUSNESS in the world. It is the Divine Energy that we call The Ruh ul Qudus (The Divine Energy). The Divine Energy is something that the Human Being shares with the God, we share it only because the God has put it within each of us.

(15:28-29) When your Lord said to the controllers(malaika), "That I am creating a human from black clay smoothened. So when I straightened him, and I blew in him from My Energy, so fall to him prostrating."

It is only after the God blows into us His Divine Energy that we become alive. Again, we must realize that the Consciousness, The Divine Energy (ruh), is not something that can be perceived, but it is THAT which perceives because it is from The God, who cannot be perceived.

(17:85) And they ask/question you about the Energy (ruh), say: "The Energy (ruh) (is) from my Lord's life, and you were not given from the knowledge except little."

I must note here that this does not make the human being equal to the God, it only means we are the perceivable manifestations of the inperceivable God who SERVE a purpose for the God. The God’s Divine Energy has been blown into us. Therefore we have the qualities of the God, because we are created according to His Pattern (Fitra) but on an extremely small scale, but only those who acquire knowledge of all things can truly understand this concept. Once you gain knowledge of all things, you begin to see the pattern (fitra) of all things are the same (neutrons, protons, and electrons), and that all things created on this pattern are controlled by the same System of Law (Deen).

(30:30) So maintain your face (character) to the system, monotheism, The God's pattern (fitrata) which He created/originated the people on it. No replacement/substitution to The God's creation, that (is) the maintained system (Deen), but most of the people do not know.

From point we have mostly dealt with the consciousness (The Divine Energy). Lets talk about the other aspect of the pair, the Subconscious, or the Soul (NAFS), or the POWER to do, that, which has been willed by the Consciousness/Divine Energy/The Will. The Subconscious/Soul (Nafs) is this part of the Human Being that holds information, but the Subconscious cannot do anything with this information because it does not have Consciousness (The Will/Divine Energy), or, that which perceives. It is only when the Consciousness Perceives/Wills a thing, that the Subconscious uses what are called “Emotions” to power that into action. The word “emotion” derives from “Energy in motion”, or “E-Motion”. That is why the following verse is true and can be verified in all everyday occurrences;

(13:11) … that The God does not change what (is) with a people until they change what (is) with their Subconscious (anfusihim-**nafs**).

So we see that The Subconscious collects information, and when the Consciousness perceives it, it manifests into being. This is why it is of utmost importance that you guard the type of information (inner-forming-ation) that you allow to be programmed into your subconscious, such as Television PROGRAMS, or Radio PROGRAMS, etc. The fact that Media Advertising is a multi billion-dollar industry should tell us that there are people who know how the Subconscious/Soul (Nafs) works. Why would companies pay so much money for 30 seconds during the Super Bowl if they didn’t KNOW that it could work? Is this clear to you? Once you understand the system of laws (deen), and realize that it is not a sect(religion), but a way of life, then you will be able to see what is going on more clearly, and thereby, be able to take back the control of your life. Let me explain further, scientist have discovered that nothing is really forgotten by the Human, it is just that the human has not remembered, or is no longer perceiving (Consciousness), the events that connect you to that experience. For example, an old friend can call you and relate a story to you that you had “forgotten”, as they are telling this story, you yourself begin to remember certain details yourself that the friend might not remember, so this proves that it was not truly “forgotten”, just that your ability to perceive was not perceiving this experience anymore and now that you are Consciously Perceiving this event again, you can “remember” it. This is a fact we must remember, or be conscious of continuously, so that we can understand “As-Salaat”.

It is our purpose to Serve The God, to experience this World as an Indivisible Duality, or perhaps you might be more familiar with the combined word, individual. That is, we are all Unified by the fact that we have in us, THAT WHICH PERCIEVES, on the Highest Level (The God is Most High), but on the lower, physical level that penetrates the material world of manifested beings, we become a duality, each having a part of “The One Consciousness”, and each having their own Subconcious/Soul (Nafs). It is the goal of humanity to have the One Consciousness and the separated Subconscious of humans to work as One. So what is the problem then?

Freedom – The Problem is Choice

(33:72) We presented the Freedom (Amana) on the skies and the earth, and the mountains, so they refused that they bear it, and they were cautious of it, and the human being bore it, truly he is often unjust and oppressive, ignorant.

The God gave the Human Being the opportunity to have Freedom, the Human Being accepted this, and is now responsible for that Freedom. Lets look at the rest of creation. It is NOT FREE. It is controlled by the System of Laws (Deen), that, the God has written upon them. As was stated in the fist paragraph of this article, the sun and the moon are not free. They have no choice but to follow their orbit. The rooster has no choice but to wake up at dawn and sing the God’s Praises, it cannot roll over and hit the snooze button on its alarm clock. When pure water is subjected to 32 degrees farenheit or below, it has no choice but to turn into ice. Even the Human Body, which is made from the earth, and, is the vehicle of the Conscious and Subconscious, is restricted by the System of Laws (deen). If you over exert it, it will become tired, if the body heats up, you will begin sweating, etc. In saying that, we are also saying that the Human Body is not what we should identify with. It is only a vehicle, a house (bayt), for our true “self”. So just as we do not associate our clothes as “us” and we do not associate our houses and apartments as “us”, we should likewise not associate our bodies as “us” either. They can just be considered “the inner apartments”.

The Human Being is Free. It is free because it was created according to the God’s pattern (fitra), so it has the attributes of the One Supreme God, but in very small quantities. One of those attributes is “freedom from limitations”. This means that when the God blew into us from His Will/Energy (ruh), we became Free of any limitation. We have the ability to choose our path, not to be locked into instinct like the rest of creation that does not have the Divine Energy/Will within them. This ability to choose (choice) can be our greatest asset. For example, man can go to any place on this earth, even the coldest, and make the environment submit to him. The Human can, by observing the system of laws (deen), develop a space ship to fly out of the earth. This is due to his Freedom. But this Freedom can also be our worst enemy. It can allow us to go against the system of laws (deen) and destroy ourselves. For example, the system of laws (deen) states that when smoke enters the lungs, your body will reject it and send out a “cough” to get it out of there. But the Human, who is endowed with freedom due to having the One Conciousness/DivineEnergy/The Will, can choose not to be warned by the “cough” and can continue to smoke and destroy their lungs. The Divine Energy (ruh) gives us the potential to CREATE our circumstances. We can use it to create good circumstances or evil ones. So we should see clearly that the problem is choice.

The mistake of identifying with the subconscious only

(96:6-7) No but that truly the human exceeds the limit that he looks upon himself as self-sufficient!

The Subconscious(Soul) is part of the unseen reality of life that the reading (quran) calls Al-Jinn (The Hidden). As was stated earlier, emotions (energy in motion) are in this part of the Human Being. Emotions cannot be physically seen, but we know they are there. We can liken this to wind, sound waves, gravity and other concepts that cannot be seen, but are Forces that can be experienced although not seen. This is the world of the Hidden (Al-Jinn). When we observe the system of Laws (deen) that govern all things, we realize that it is beneficial to work with these laws. In order to do that, you must first gain knowledge of the laws and put this information into your Subconscious/Soul (nafs). Then use the Will, The Divine Energy, to perceive (to remember) the law that you put in your Subconscious/Soul (nafs) and make it grow into your personality, which is to have control of your life. In that sequence can be found the problem of most people. Instead of identifying with the Unifying Consciousness, because they have little knowledge of it (17:85), man incorrectly identifies himself as the personality, which is part of the Soul (Nafs). This cannot be true because the personality is an effect, not a cause, and can be changed. We have been given the Divine Energy/Will so that we can transcend all outside influences and work according to the programming of the Subconscious/Soul (nafs) by the Conciousness/Divine Energy/Will. This is the same message that has been sent from the beginning. This is why the Ancient Egyptians (Kemet) used to mummify the body of certain individuals at death. It represented “one who reached a level in their life of being free from outside conditioning”. This is what we are supposed to be protective of as well, the outside conditioning of outside influences. We should seek the Gods Ruh (Divine Energy/Will). Let me say at this point that there is no such thing as “free Will”. There is only ONE WILL, and the human has been given the Freedom (Amana) to use it, or not to use it. But we must remember, the Subconscious can not program itself, it must be programmed, and if you are not using the ONE CONSCIOUSNESS (The Divine Energy/Will) to program your Subconscious/Soul (nafs), then you are not in control of yourself, and someone else is PROGRAMMING your Subconscious. Do you remember when we talked about the multi-billion dollar industry of advertising and their Television PROGRAMS? What about the PROGRAMMING that happens in the synagogue, the church, and the mosque? Do you see how associating with the Subconscious/Soul (emotions, sensations, personality) can leave you helpless? How can you let emotions decide for you? The Subconscious must be realized to be like a garden that continues to bring forth, either you can plant seeds of the ONE CONSCIOUSNESS in your garden, or someone else can plant THEIR SEEDS, either way, the Garden (Soul) will continue to bring forth. We must realize that we have to use the Consciousness and the Subconscious together as a team so that we can continue to plant only good seeds so that we can reap good results (fruits). Just like the Dawn and the Dusk that uses the day and night working together. So what is this PROCESS by which we plant the seeds of the ONE CONSCIOUSNESS/WILL/DIVINE ENERGY into the SUBCONSCIOUS/SOUL (Nafs) ?

As Salaat = The Process

(2:45) And seek support with the patience and the process (salati) and that it truly is a burden except on the humble.

Yes, “As Salaat” is The Process by which we consciously program our Souls with the Will, and since it is the Will that is programming the Soul, not outside influence, it will naturally bring forth purification (zakaat), because that is the Souls (nafs) job, to bring forth. It is only when outside influence programs the soul with evil seeds (thoughts/ideas) that it brings forth the unnatural growth of evil. That is why the God says;

(4:79) What struck you from a goodness, so (it is) from at The God, and what struck you from a sin/crime, so (it is) from your SOUL, and We sent you to the people, (as) a message and enough with The God, (as) a witness.

Because anything from The God would have had to come through The Will, The God’s Divine Energy, and if you program/plant that into the Subconscious/Soul (nafs), it can only grow, not change into something different. But if you program/plant seeds from somewhere outside of the Divine Energy/Will that was blown INSIDE OF YOU, it has the possibility of being evil, and thereby bring forth evil. The truth of this can be witnessed by a person who does not use their Will, but because they are surrounded by good people, they are good because the seeds of the Will of the others, took root in their Souls, and their Souls brought forth. But there is always the possibility of that person catching a bad seed from somewhere unexpected. That is why the Most High says;

(2:238) (Everyone) Guard your process, the balance process, and maintain to The God devoutly.

It is the process by which we balance the Consciousness(Will/Divine Energy/Ruh) with the Subconscious(Soul/NAFS- containing emotions, sensations, personality, etc.). They work together sowing from within and reaping. But even as with sowing and reaping a garden, there is a TIME to sow

Timing and why the reading appears to only address men

There have been many occasions where I have heard someone, mostly women, ask the question, “why does the reading seem to be addressed to men?” There are only few verses that address both men and women, which indicate that men and women are of equal importance, and that both men and women will reap only what they sow. If that is the case, why does the overwhelming majority of the reading that is left seem to address only men? Here’s an example;

(4:15) And those who commit with the atrocious deed from your women, so call a witness on them, four from you, so if they witnessed, so hold them in the houses until the death makes them die, or The God makes for them a path.

Does this mean only women can be punished for atrocious deeds? Does this mean men can commit atrocious deeds without punishment? Does this mean we are to hold women confined in houses until they die or a “miracle” happens? If you take this verse literally, then you have no other choice, but the Most High has decreed for Himself Mercy. Mercy is not the forgiving of having done wrong, no, Mercy is in the God creating the Human Being according to His Pattern(Fitra) and the World based on His System of Law(Deen). Because of that, we can build connections, we can join that which is to be joined, and gain wisdom.

(13:21) And those who connect what The God ordered with it that (it) be connected, and they fear their Lord, and they fear the evil account.

It is only by the God Mercifully creating everything according to the System of Laws(Deen) that we can “build a house”, because if nothing went according to Law, that would mean we would be in a state of confusion. A process that worked one day, will not work the next because there is no LAW keeping it in place. So our “house” would be built on a weak foundation and would crumble and fall.

(9:109) Is who founded his building/structure on fear and obedience from God and acceptance/approval better? Or who founded (established) his building/structure on (the) edge (of) a weak undercut bank, so it collapsed down with him in Hell's fire? And The God does not guide the unjust people.

So following the advice of the God, we can build a foundation according to The God’s Path, which is using the Will to program the Soul, or we can build a weak foundation based on other than the God, out side of yourself, which will result in you ending up in the fiery state of Hell.

Lets see if we can make the proper connections and understand why the reading seems to address only men. It should be clear that the Will is to program the Soul so that it can bring forth purification. It should be also clear that The God considers men and women of equal status. So the only logical answer is that verses such as (4:15) are not literal. Here is the logical understanding. The God uses “Gender” as a metaphor for the process (salaat) of programming the Soul with the Will. The Will is symbolized by the male, and the Soul is symbolized by the female. Regarding what we have learned from above, what would be of most importance to the Human Being, The Will or The Soul? Keeping in mind that Most have little knowledge of the Will (consciousness/Divine Energy/RUH). It is obvious that we need knowledge of the Will, more than anything, so that we can begin IMPREGNATING the Soul with good seeds, so that we can bring forth what is good, like Marium the mother of Jesus, do you understand?

Let me clarify it more, unless The God Wills, can you see that by symbolizing the Will and the Soul as Male and Female, we can makes so many connections that were never viseable before? Lets talk about Timing. The male has the seed. The male plants his seed any time he wants, but the female is locked into a cycle. The female cannot always bring forth. She has a cycle that she must obey if they together intend to bring forth. Her cycle lasts 28 days. It is typically the 14th day of her cycle when she is most fertile. Ask a farmer about the 14th day of the lunar cycle, which is the night of the full moon. Ask him/her if there is any wisdom in knowing about that. In fact, lets ask the message if there is any importance in knowing about cycles.

(2:189) They ask you about the crescents (phases of the moon). Say: "It is appointed times to the people, and the debate, and the righteousness is not that you come to the houses from its backs, and but the righteousness (is) who is feared and obeyed, and came (to) the houses from its entrances. And fear and obey God, maybe you succeed/win."

Can you see that The Most High is telling you that the phases of the moon are a timing device for the people, as well as the debate (upcoming article). Also, see that the God is telling us not to take outside seeds (not to enter from the back), but to take seeds from the proper source, the Will/Conciousness (come to houses from their proper entrances). Remember, a house(bayt) is something that covers us, protects us from outside elements, like clothes, apartments, and things deeper within (upcoming article as well).

Lets go back to (4:15) armed with these connections and see if there is any logic to be found.

(4:15) And those who commit with the atrocious deed from your women

** Those who have souls that are “bringing forth” atrocious deeds **

so call a witness on them, four from you,

** bring 4 witnesses that their souls are bringing forth atrocious deeds **

so if they witnessed, so hold them in the houses until the death makes them die, or The God makes for them a path

**if 4 people witness this atrocity, then confine the guilty party to houses (that which protects from outside influence) or in other words, protect them from the evil outside influences they are receiving until they die, or until the God makes a path, which is to begin to use their Will to program their Soul instead of outside influences.**

I will leave it up to you to continue making the connections for yourself, so you can clarify the metaphor of Will and Soul, bringing forth, just a bit more. You will be surprised when you get to the story of Jesus, son of Mary.

The God gave us the dawn and the dusk as times to maintain the process(salaat)

(17:78) Maintain the process from the sun's rubbing to the night's darkness, and the dawn's reading, surely the dawn's reading is being witnessed.

Surely the process of planting the seeds of the Will into the Soul are being witnessed at dawn, the time when you come out of the subconscious(night) into the consciousness(day). The Dawn is when you gradually come from allowing the subconscious(soul) to direct you and allow the Consciousness(Will/Divine Energy) to direct you. Not quite sure? Lets look at the heavenly creation and see if there are any clues. We already made the connection of the moon to the soul(women and her cycles). So what heavenly body would we say acts on the moon? The Sun of course! The Sun is always giving its “seed”, always shining, even on a cloudy day. The Sun represents the Divine Energy (The Consiousness/Will). But the moon has cycles. She cannot always receive the full light of the sun. She (the moon) is locked into a cycle based on the God’s system of Laws (Deen). The sun is associated with the day, or consciousness/will, and the night is associated with the night, or subconscious/soul. Is that clear to you? We cannot understand the God’s Will directly, because the God and the God’s Will/Divine Energy is unseen, like the wind, radio waves , etc. It is imperceiveable. Just like we cannot look directly at the sun, but at night, we can REFLECT on the God’s Divine Energy, just as the moon reflects the light of the sun. But we have to realize that certain times are better. There are certain nights when there is more light reflected than others. Maybe this is what is meant by “Night of Power” is better than 1000 months? Remember, the subconscious(soul-nafs) is associated with the nighttime, and the soul/nafs is that part that POWERS what the consciousness Wills.

(97:1) We descended it in the power night.

The next verse regarding timing is here;

(11:114) And maintain the process to (the) ends/edges (of) the daytime (to) parts from the night; that the goodnesses eliminate the sins/crimes, that (is) a reminder to the remembering.

And this verse also show that the process(salaat) is done at dawn and dusk, the times when day and night work together. With that being said, we can program the Soul anytime we want, but there are certain times when the Soul is capable of bringing forth, just as there are certain times the woman can become pregnant.


Since the Nafs/Soul is based on a cycle, lets see if we can confirm dawn and dusk as the proper times for impregnation. Scientist have discovered that the brain is more receptive at certain times of the day. The least receptive time for the human is the waking state which is called the Beta wave state. The brain wave in this state is 13 to 28 Hz. This wave state is not go for receptivity because it is this wakened state that is favors the Will (Consciusness). The Will is not your vehicle of receptivity, it is the Soul (Subconscius) that is your receptor. The ideal states of receptivity occur just above and just below the Beta wave state. Lets first talk about the state above the Beta Wave state. That is the Gamma wave state at 29 to 35 Hz. The brain enters this state in response to strong a strong emotion (anger, fear, “love”, etc). This is the state that movie and television producers aim at when trying to program you. But this is not the state we want to plant our seeds by because we want to use intellect, not emotion. So lets talk about the brain state that is just below the waking state of Beta, that is the Alpha state 8 to 12 Hz. The brain enters this level in response to daydreaming or at the brief moment of passing from waking to sleep. This is the perfect time for what is called meditation, which means to reflect on or contemplate in the mind. The word Meditation comes from the root “Medi” which means middle. We are balanced(wusta) between the wake state and dream state, or in other words, we are balance between the Consciousness(Will) and the subconscious(Soul). At this point let me bring a verse;

(2:238) (Everyone) Guard your process, the balance process, and maintain to The God devoutly.

To conclude this idea, we need to have access to both the Will and the Soul in order to unite them and for the Will to impregnate the Soul. We have explained how the waking state (Beta) is not conducive to receptivity, and how the emotional state above that (Gamma) leaves out reason/intellect. We have shown how the ideal state is the Alpha State (the word Alpha fits that perfectly) below the Beta state. Lets round this off with the brain state while sleep, the Delta state 4 to 7 Hz. This state is all receptive, but there is no Will involved in this state, so it is not beneficial for our purpose, the Process(salaat).

Prayer and its connection with the process(salaat).

We can clearly see that “salaat” is not “prayer” in the reading. If we study closer, we will notice that “prayer” is represented by the word “D’ua”. “D’ua” means “to call”, which is what one does when they pray, call on The God. Taking this into consideration, and pondering on the verses of the reading, it becomes clear that D’ua is the first step of the process(salaat). D’ua, or prayer, is the method of focusing on the God, focusing on the Most High, focusing on the Source of Divine Energy as the solution to your problems. Not any outside sources. Once we are focused, we can begin reciting the God’s signs and programming them into our Subconscious/Souls (Nafs) and bring forth.

(3:38) At that place and time Zachary called(prayed to) his Lord, he said: "My Lord grant for me, from at you, good descendants, that you are hearing the call/prayer."

Once he focused, then he began programming his Soul.

(3:39) So the controllers called him while he maintained processing in the sanctuary: "That The God announces good new to you with Yahya, confirming with a word from The God and a master and restricting himself (chaste) , and a prophet from the righteous."

So the method was;

1) call to the God so that you can focus on The Source of Divine Energy while you have the problem at hand also in mind.

2) Maintain the process of planting seeds from the Divine Energy which will give you the answer to any situation.

Lets take the story a bit further to try to gain more understanding of the “Gender” Metaphor.

(3:40) He said: "My Lord, how be for me a boy, when the old age reached me, and my woman infertile?" He said: "like that The God makes/does what He wills."

The understanding is as follows. Zachariah didn’t understand that he was not getting a real child, he was getting the DIVINE ENERGY, the Will, so that he could impregnate his SOUL(female-time restricted). All we need to do is to go to the next verse;

(3:41) He said: "My Lord, make for me a sign." He said: "Your sign (is) that you not converse/speak (to) the people (for) three days, except (by) signaling. And remember your Lord much, and glorify with the evening and the mornings."

The God informed Zachariah that his sign would be that he cannot speak for three days. What does speech have to do with Zachariah having a child? The sign is that it is NOT a physical child that he will be getting, it is the WORD of the God he is getting. It is the Divine Energy he will be receiving. This Divine Energy will be able to speak to people right away, in its infancy, as well as when it has been around for a long time because it is the WORD, not a human. A Prophet is the WORD of the God. Any message that is consistent with The Book (The Life of the World). The Book (Life) will confirm for you if what is between your hands is truly from the God or not. Yes! The Book is not a physical book, The Book (Al Kitaab) is LIFE itself!

(2:53) And when We gave Moses The Book and the Criterion, maybe you (will) be guided

Moses was given the Criterion, which is the reading, and the Book, which is a life to live, so that the Book, life itself, can confirm what is between your hands.

(3:3) He descended on you The Book with the truth, confirming to what (is) between His hands, and He descended the Law and the Good News.

This entire article shows evidence from The Book (Life itself) that confirms what is between our hands, the reading. Is that clear?

The reading is to be read

The next topic to be discussed is the reading(quran). This is the “son” of one who called for “children” before us. The reading, the qu’ran, is Ahmed as far as we are concerned, for we make no difference between any of the messages. All messages call to the same path. All messages will be confirmed by the Book, Life itself. We are to recite this reading at dawn and dusk because this message is the Word of the God, it is the Divine Energy that, at the right times, can impregnate the Soul/Subconscious, and resurrect us to a new Dawn (Consciousness). We are to be in a stationary position as we recite and plant seeds.

(2:239) So if you feared, so walking or riding, so if you became safe/secure, so remember The God, as He taught you what you were not knowing.

Why stationary? Well we have to look to the Book (Life) for confirmation why.

Blood flow is essential for bodily functions. The brain sends more blood to certain areas that need it at that time according to the circumstance. For example, when you are angry or scared, blood leaves the vital organs such as the brain, and goes to the arms and legs, because it expects one to fight or run. It would be the same if you were in motion, the blood goes to the legs and arms for that work. But when you want to use intellect, your brain, it is wise to be still and at PEACE(upcoming article), so that the blood can flow to the brain and increase production. This is also why fasting brings enlightenment as well, less work for the body to do and can use all the power for the brain. This is how the Book (Life) confirms what is between your hands.


The last topic is that of remembrance. The process(salaat) must be maintained so that we can Remember. Recall that earlier, when talking about scientist showing the human never really forgets, we showed that one merely loses focus of that event, their Consciousness is not focused on that event. The “events” that The God are concerned with are in the reading(quran). By reading this story, we focus our Consciousness on it, and therefore impregnate our Subconcious/Soul (nafs) with these seeds. Is this clear?

Lets us begin programming our Souls with the Divine Energy/Will (ruh)! And begin programming others, but as we know, it will not be easy.

(11:87) They said: "You Shu'aib, does your process command you that we leave/discard what our fathers serve, or that we do with our properties/wealths/possessions what we want, that you, you are the clement , the correctly guided."

That is the Process (Salaat).

***Please e-mail me if you want a copy on Word so you can see where I have highlighted certain words to help the understanding.****