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The Institute for a Just Socio-Economic Order

The Indivisible Duality of Being

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by Ra Un Nefer Amen

Our being (and that of God as we are created in ITS image) is composed of two indivisible entities. It is an individual, that is, an "indivisible duality" composed of (1) an entity that is a consciousness  that is responsible for voluntary or willed behavior, and (2) an unconsciousness that is responsible for involuntary and automated behavior. A careful analysis of these two parts of being will show that the act of willing is merely an indication of a potential act and LACKS the energy to carry out what has been willed. The CARRYING OUT of the will is the task of the unconscious part of being wherein resides the forces (emotions or energy in motion) for the execution of the will. This is why people have such a hard time carrying out their will, for example, to break a bad habit like smoking. One part of being declares, because it is devoid of energy, while the other executes because it has the energy to do so. Given the fact that energy is oppositely polarized by matter, we must conclude that the unconscious is composed of energy/matter.


Note: energy and matter are the same thing as proven by Einstein's E=MC(2)


This grouping establishes, by logic, the proposition (you will eventually know that it is a fact) that if one part of being is composed of energy/matter, the other part of being (consciousness/will) is IMMATERIAL and devoid of energy. Since Consciousness, THE SELF, , our identity, is immaterial and devoid of energy, it is imperceptible. In the Kamitic spiritual system, the imperceptibility of the SELF was denoted by the divine principle "AMEN", the hidden, concealed. We will later see that AMEN also represents God's Identity. We can schematisize the fundamental aspects of being as follows:





Passive- Consciousness


Material/Spirit/Not SELF/Non Identity


Active- Energy

Passive- Matter



Note that the immaterial part of being, consciousness/will, has been associated with SELF/IDENTITY. In other words, CONSCIOUSNESS IS WHAT AND WHO WE ARE, our identity, and WILLING is what we do. Logically, this means that the material/energy part of being, the SPIRIT, is NOT SELF. Most readers will find this confusing since they have been repeatedly told that "man is spirit and not the physical body." Man is destined to live in the world as a spirit being, and not a physical being. This is an ERROR that has contributed immensely to the inability of the vast majority of people - so called gurus and "spiritual masters" included, to truly give the world an effective system of spiritual cultivation and development. We will see that the "11 Laws of God" (to be explained in detail in upcoming posts) represents the truth governing the behavior of the SELF, of the SPIRIT(not SELF), and their interaction to produce the events we call life. The manner in which these two fundamental parts of being manifest in the world and interact with each other is distributed through the 11 centers of spiritual  influence- shcmatisized by the Tree of Life.


The schematization of the interaction of the two fundamental parts of being, through the 11 spheres of the Tree of Life, tracks a progression of changes from the essential and original state of being, which is ONENESS, to the substantial and transformed state of being which is MANY, in other words, we are ONE BEING manifesting as many.


That we are essentially one being as far as the identity  part of our being is concerned is framed in the attributes of the SELF. Since the SELF (consciousness/will) is immaterial, it cannot be divided, multiplied, added onto or subtracted from. This attribute of SELF was denoted in Kamitic spirituality as the divine principle "ATEM", from which the Greeks derived their concept of the "atom", an indivisible unit (* it is well known that Democritus studied for many years in Egypt*). Our ONENESS as part of the energy/matter part of our being is concerned is framed in the attributes of the essential and original state of energy and material foundation of our vehicles (mind, body, etc.) In its original state our matter is undifferentiated, unstructured, not shaped into forms or things, and our energy is in a state of inactivity (state of peace, Hetep, nirvana-i.e. not moving). This state of being corresponds to "0" on the Tree of Life.


Since our essential and original, or true state of being is one of ONENESS due to the indivisibility of the immaterial SELF, and the undivided original state of energy/matter, our being is infinite (matter not limited) and eternal (consciousness/self is outside of the realm of space and time). From this it follows logically that the process known as creation can only be a transformation (division) and modification of a portion of the limitless expanse of matter. It is the progression from the peaceful eternal one to the appearance of the many, separated, energized(emotional), mortal (non-eternal, finite) beings. This is why the term "individuals" - indivisible duality-  has been coined to designate ourselves. The duals that cannot be divided are the elements of our essential and true state, which is oneness, and our manifested state which is the separation as many. The process through which the separation of the one indivisible consciousness (God's Self) into the apparent many is achieved through the modifications of energy/matter. We are like one light (consciousness/SELF) passing through translucent panes of different colors. The failure to relate properly to this reality of being is behind the many problems experienced in the world. The vast majority see only the differences which are superficial, and fall into the trap of declaring others as enemies, competitors, threats, cannon fodders, commodities, etc. Others learn or recognize that underneath the superficial differences are elements that unite us into one being, but are at a loss on how to intelligently and safely unite with  those who are out to do them in.  The agents that take our being from its state of essential oneness to the manifestation as many is a dual stream, in which one is composed of the shaping factors of unity, and the other stream is composed of shaping factors of division. It is the harmonization of these two streams, and the essential oneness with the manifested differentiation that is the subject of the "11 Laws of the Spirit".

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