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The Institute for a Just Socio-Economic Order

The Relationship between the SELF and the SPIRIT

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by Ra Un Nefer Amen

Another underlying layer of information that we must have before we can understand the Laws of the Spirit concerns the relationship between the SELF and the SPIRIT.


               It was stated that the SELF, which is consciousness itself and whose function is to will is immaterial and thus devoid of energy. On the other hand, Spirit is material and energetic and devoid of consciousness and will. It is very important to understand this seperation of functions amongst the two fundemental components of our being. To "will" is to activate a faculty that is devoid of matter and energy. It cannot therefore CARRY OUT the action that it signals. To speak of a weak will is to betray an ingnorance that speaks volumes as to the causes of failure in life- ignorance of the knowledge of SELF. On the other hand, Pririt, which is devoid of consciousness and will, cannot be the prime initiator of its and as the world. Manifestations(creations) in the realm of the Supreme Being, as well as in Man(Consciousness) is initaited by the act of its formless tool of action, the WILL. Even the idea that is carried by the will subsists (rather than EXsists) in a formless(immaterial) state. In response to the Will, the energy/matter(spirit) which was in a state of non differntation and repose (peace) is set in motion (e-motion) which causes the matter to assume the form implied in the immaterial Will of the SELF. It is important to know that while the SELF in Man knows what it to manifest (i.e., what it is willing) and why, it does not know how and when this will develop. (note: while this is true tfor the SELF and Man, it is not true for the SELF as the Supreme Being). In other words, to the SELF belongs the what and the why, and to the SPIRIT, the how and the when. It is the truths governing the attributes of the SELF, of the SPIRIT and thier relationship that constitute the LAWS of the SPIRIT.


         Another extremely important factor in the relationship between the Self(consciousness) and the SPIRIT is rooted in thier differences. Devoid of energy and matter, the SELF is absolutely FREE AND AT PEACE. On the other hand, the SPIRIT, an entity of energy and matter is bound by LAW, which is a limiting and energetic(emotional) factor. For the sake of manifestation in the world, the SPIRIT provides bodies for consciousness and in the process it subjects consciousness(the SELF) to limitations on its freedom and superimposes pain and pleasure on its peace. This has a defining effect on life. The SELF, which was not capable of having expeience in its realm of origin (energy was at rerst, and matter undifferentiated) comes into the world through the forms and forces provided it by Spirit, and because these have the opposite effects, at first, upon its nature (loss of Peace, eternity and infinity), it posits as its major striving the RECLAMATION OF ITS PEACE(happiness) , and its freedom (mastery over emotions, the forces of the SPIRIT and of nature). Its success in this work is crowned with pleasure, properly utilized, and its failures with pain. It is obvious that much, much more must be said about pain and pleasure to render the preceding statement accurate. The required insight will be given as we go through the various LAWS. What is important at this point is the reralization that the SELF's ability to reclaim its PEACE once it has entered the world is the first most important accomplishment that must be secured.

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