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by Samina Qamar
Warning-The views expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect those of the site. This site does not support George W Bush in any way, shape, or form.

This is Not Islam. This is the Mullahs. They have hijacked Islam", declared our President George Bush.
This unorthodox statement could have been attributed to Mohammed Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan or Sir Mohammed Iqbal, the greatest Islamic thinker of the 20th century, the man who gave the Pakistan idea. Both were dubbed as heretics by the Mullahs. One thousand Mullahs of the India of 1947 signed an edict declaring them apostate and heretic. Such were the founders of Pakistan. How did the Mullahs hijack Pakistan? That is another question. It is however, George Bush, President of the United States of America who made this bold statement, referring to the Fundamentalist Mullahs. "We will eradicate them," he remarked. I cannot describe my joy at hearing this. I think this is the statement of the millennium. It heralds a new era for the Muslims.

I am very much a Muslim and I am a humble student of the Quran. I believe that Mohammed Al'Rasool Allah ( Mohammed, the Messenger of Allah ) was the greatest human being in the history of all mankind who fought all his life against the fundamentalists of his time and gloriously defeated them. There must be a system of social justice and equality that we all deeply desire to see established, a system that grants eternal peace and happiness to our world. Mohammed's ISLAM, to me, is indeed such a system. It was designed to end all forms of human misery and exploitation. Americanism is as close as can be to Mohammed's dream.

Just as establishing the United States was no easy a task, similarly, establishing Islam, fourteen hundred years ago, was an ordeal. The forces of evil are hard to eradicate. The system of human exploitation is indeed a complex and highly organized system. The Quran educates us in its very unique style, that there are three concrete embodiments of this abstract system of human exploitation which it regards as evil. [They are metaphors used in the Arabic language] They reflect evil. They are symbolic of evil. Together they constitute the three cornerstones of what it regards " The Satanic System ".

1. The Pharaoh: the symbol of absolute power and authoritarianism. Might is Right!
2. The Qaroon: the symbol of capitalism: Accumulating wealth .is the ultimate joy.
3. The Ha'man: the Religious Leader. The Mullah, the Priest. He controls the heartthrobs of the masses and through sermons and rituals diverts their attention towards the hereafter. Far away from reality, distancing from the problems of the real life, by telling tall tales about rewards in the next world, he keeps the masses engaged. The purpose is to tame the masses, preventing them from struggle against those that are in power and in control of the wealth. Ha'man organizes a system of rituals and prayers and promotes beliefs in magical happenings. Also he is the authority that proclaims the doctrine of the Divine Rights of the Kings! The grateful priest cloaks the Kings in sanctity and respect! All three forces of evil are thus sanctified and become The Will of God.

The more one ponders over the system that controls all the misery in our world, the more one acknowledges the simple manner in which the Quran identifies these enemies of mankind. The Quran is not about any mystical experience. Exploitation and misery are physical, not metaphysical. They are real. The Quran defines realistically these problems. It offers a realistic solution too. Through Religion, human exploitation is enforced via superstition. Ignorance will sooner or later bring misery to the people. This misery of a religious culture will assume titanic proportions. The more the misery the merrier and stronger gets to be the system of exploitation. What a vicious circle! Whenever and wherever there is organized human exploitation the end result is poverty misery and disease. Hunger and suffering run hand in hand. They are the essential sequel of a society that engages in magical belief systems and irrational thinking. Religiosity and human misery run hand in hand thus becoming a vicious circle: " Daira tul Suu" in words of the Quran.

The Quran defies all these institutions. It demands of its believers to reject their authority. This is the first step towards God.

The worst form of human exploitation is achieved through Organized Religion. In fact no human exploitation is possible without this. Organized Religion is the keystone upon which rests the whole infrastructure of any system of human exploitation. Laws aimed at exploiting the poor are always framed in the name of God and thus sanctified forever. Who can dare challenge them? The poor on the other hand engage themselves in rituals in the hope of finding a solace for their miseries. Happiness and joy are forbidden. Those that seek joy shall soon find themselves in hell and this is sermonized from the pulpits. The miserable and the poor shall be the Kings in Heaven, is the promising note that keeps this whole system going. The religious leaders engage the poor into stories about their glorious past when everything was so good, or about the hereafter when everything will be so good. A state of denial regarding the miserable present is thus achieved. The Quran talks about this calling it the grand design of evil.

Mohammed's (S) Islam challenged Religion with might and main. Islam challenged its very roots, its very order, its very basis. It declared religion a hoax, a farce organized by the rich upper classes through its charities and donations in order to perpetuate their stronghold over the masses. If poverty and misery are to be eradicated then this root of all evil, Religion had to be attacked. It had to be eliminated before any mass movement of social reform could be effective. The greatest proponent of Religion during the times of Mohammed, was a man , a revered religious scholar by the name Abu Al Hikm. Hikm means wisdom, his name thus meaning The father of Wisdom. Mohammed (S) derogated him fearlessly, declaring him Abu Jahal, "The father of illiteracy and ignorance". Such was the fearless approach of Mohammed the Great,(S) The several wars that Mohammed fought were against the Religious People of his times. In defense the self righteous Religious People of Mecca called him and his followers apostates and heretics. They regarded him evil. The were the men of true faith, they claimed. "They have Hijacked Faith," he taught his followers.

The history of mankind may be summed up in one sentence: It is a saga of a long war between those that believe in rational reasoning and those that engage in magical thinking. Those that believe in The Laws of Allah that govern all the phenomenon in this Universe are referred to in the Quran as The Believers.

Those that believe in magical happenings, engage in senseless ritualistic behaviors in order to please a holy spirit or some other delusional concept of their mind are termed The Disbelievers. They pray and hope that a change will happen magically. They are referred in the Quran as The Kafirs. This difference must be clearly understood.

Those that believe in the laws of physics are different from those that anticipate miracles, that will happen in response to rituals. Those that believe that action and hard work are the only means to secure happiness are different from those that sit idle and pray and wish for good to happen miraculously. Those that believe in scientific realities, that water always flow from a higher level to a lower level will plant seeds where they believe water can reach. Those that deny these realities and hope that water will not abide by the physical laws in response to their rituals and prayers shall never see a harvest. It is as simple as that. Some believe in physical laws. Some rely on magic. The former are the True Believers. The latter are The Disbelievers. The Believers desire to be in harmony with the rest of the Universe and seek to establish a system that ensures peace in the world. The Disbelievers are full of sound and fury signifying nothing. The Quran refers to this class of superstitious magical thinkers as the Religious Fundamentalists or The Kafirs.

Religious Fundamentalism may be defined as "a state of an intellectual arrest of the developing human brain where opinions become fixed and the capacity for further thinking is lost." As we all know , the healthy human mind continues to grow and develop perhaps throughout life. As more experience is added, more learning occurs and the human personality formulates and reflects in what we call Wisdom. This attainment manifests itself by an expression of a better sense of judgment and a better insight about self, the environment, the society and the world that we live in. This frustrated state of an arrested development of the mind constitutes a condition called Religious Fundamentalism. This is wonderfully described by William James, the American neurologist in his classic work A Variety of Religious Experiences (1902). [This book was one of the favorites of the great Indian philosopher Iqbal and is cited by him in many of his letters and essays] This treatise clearly describes Religious Fundamentalism as an objective phenomenon. It is not limited to any particular cult or Religion. Essentially all religions and cults manifest this condition. It has one common denominator. A socio-cultural environment that inhibits free thinking. Such an imposition is essential to religion and constitutes the hallmark of all Religious Fundamentalism. This opposition to freedom of thought is a peculiar cultural state. This is achieved by a Thought Police of the Clergy or the Mullahs. The healthy human brain generates a thinking process that delightfully grows and flourishes in an environment of logic and reason. Nothing is more delightful to the brain than deductive reasoning and logic. The hurdles of arithmetic and geometry when solved bring forth a joy that no other human experience equals. Similarly nothing is more traumatic to the human mind than absurdities. Censure of the human intellect at its earliest stages of growth and making the human brain conform to accept absurd and illogical ideas is what essentially happens that leads to the creation of a religious fundamentalist. They are a product of a severe insult and abuse to their intellect. Indeed there is no greater abuse of the human mind than to impose upon it, illogical abstract concepts. A systematic formulation towards acceptance of illogical concepts, suppressing the minds natural growth, creates a storm in the neuronal circuits of the human brain. How it exactly effects the neurochemistry of the healthy mind is hitherto unknown. This insult to the healthy human intellect perpetuating from a state of chronic abuse secondary to persistent exposure to absurdity sets the stage for a functional dys-equilibrium. At a certain stage the human mind finally succumbs. It identifies itself with its abuser. Like every other abuse, this creates a condition of a serious neurochemical dysfunction. This has several psychological manifestations. When a normal human being starts manifesting signs of developing fanatical or fundamentalists traits, (growing a beard, dressing up like a priest, physical appearance reflecting affiliation with a cult, Harey- Krishna clothing, wearing turbans, caps etc.) it is time for caution. It is actually a scream for help. Essentially this is a reaction against intellectual abuse. This stage of unresolved intellectual conflicts in a normal human brain transforms it into a volcano. Individuals with high verbal IQs and a borderline or below average functional IQ make great priests. In essence they are unable to even financially support for their basic needs. Hence the Churches and the Mosques where this bizarre species lives and breeds thriving on alms and donations. This creates an intense state of an extremely low self esteem which manifests in an eternal desire to be treated with special respects. Hence the titles of The Reverend, The Holy, The Ayatollah, The Maulana Sahib, Pundit Ji. As long as this internal turmoil stays dormant it bears a false smile and the world smiles back at them. Their volcanic state is visible only in fiery sermons. They are like time bombs ready to explode at any moment. When this volcano erupts its perils are limitless.

Long before William James, The Quran beautifully describes the intellectual misery of the Religious Fundamentalists. The following is a conceptual translation from the first chapter of The Quran, Al'Baqqara, from the very first few pages.
[Inn nallazeena kafaru sawa un elay him aa anzartahum umlum tunzir hum la yuminoon']

Know this with absolute certainty that those that choose to disregard The Laws of Allah and instead engage in magical thinking, [the religious fundamentalists = Al Kafiroon] whether you warn them or caution them of the dangerous consequences of their magical thinking, they can never have an ability to appreciate an ideology of life based upon rational thinking leading to a program for a peaceful life for all mankind. [Al Iman] 2:6

[khattamallah ho ala qalloobeyhim wa ala sammeyhim wa ala absaareyhim gheshawatun walahum azzabun azeem ]

Allah certifies and endorses that these religious fundamentalists have a mentality that shuts their faculties to perceive and determine. They have
limited intellectual capacities and indeed are in the worst form of misery. 2:7

[wa minnun naasey mai'yn yaqqolo aa manna billa hey wa bil yaum mil aakheratey wama hum bey momineen.]

Amongst the mankind are persons that claim to be the genuine promoters of peace in the world, and believers in Allah or God, and in the hereafter. They (The Fundamentalists) are certainly not the true peace-givers or The Momins. 2:8

[ yukhadeyoon nallaha walazeena aamino wama yakhda'oona ila anfusah hum wa ma yash oroon ]

These (religious fundamentalists) attempt to misrepresent Allah and deceive the true peace-enforcers by their holy presentations. They certainly are not The Momins. In reality they are deceiving their own selves, though they do not perceive it that way. 2:9
[fi qaloobey him maradan fazaado homulla ho marada wala hum azaabun aleem bema kaano yakzeboon.]

They suffer from a SERIOUS MENTAL DISORDER. Their negative attitude towards life, reason and rationality and a denial of the Laws of Allah, tends to aggravate their malady. Indeed they are in a great and painful misery though they tend to deny it. 2:10

[wa iza qeelalahum la tufsido fil aradey qaalo inna maa nahunoo muslehoon.]

Whenever they ( The Religious Fundamentalists ) are told not to cause chaos and disruption in the world they proclaim that they are in fact out to reform and improve the world. 2:11

[ala innahum homul mufsidoona wala kin la yash oroon.]

Make no mistake about this that on the contrary it is these very people who are responsible for all the chaos and disruption in the world and theyare unaware of this. 2:12
[wa iza keelalahum aamino k'ma aamanun naaso qaalo aanoe'mino k'maa aamanas sofahaa'o . A'laa inahum homus sofahaa'o wala kin la ya'lamoon]

Whenever they are asked to enjoin the True Peace Enforcers (The Momins) towards the establishment of peace for the entire mankind, they retort, " It is foolishness to accept this ideology. Shall we become fools too?" Indeed they are the fools but they do not know that. 2:13
[wa iza laqulla zeena aamanoo qaalo aamanna wa iza khalao ela shaiyateenehim qaalo. inna ma'akum innama nahunoo mustahzee'oon]

When invited to enroll amongst The Momins (Aa'mino) they say, " Oh yes! Enroll us for we are absolutely convinced about the truth of this ideology! " However, when they are by themselves or with their evil allies they state, " Oh we were just into some mockery and sham!"2:14
Allaho yastahzee'ou bey him wa yamuddohum fi tughiyaanehim ya'mahoon.

Allah makes ridiculous those that make a travesty about the Laws, when blinded by power and ignorance.2:15
[ oo laa'ikalazi nash tara wud'dalaalata bil huda fama rabeyhat tejaaratahum bema kaanu muhtadeen.]
Those that bargain ignorance in exchange for reason and guidance assuming that ignorance is more comfortable, are indeed the losers. Such a deal did not yield them any profit. 2:16
[Masala hum ka masa lilla zis tau qada naara. falama aa'dua'at ma howla hoo zahaballaho bey nooreyhim wa tarrakahum fi zulammaatin la yub seroon]

Their example is of one that lightens a fire in darkness. The flames momentarily illuminate the surroundings but as soon as they are extinguished , one is blinded again. 2:17
[summum buk mun um yun fa hum la yerja'oon]

Deaf, dumb and blind are they since they refuse to return to reason. 2:18
[ookas^sayyebim min al sammaa'ey fee hey zulomaatun wa ra'adun wa baraqqun yaj'aloona aasaa'beyahum fi aazaanehim min'as sawwaa'eya kay hazar almaut. wal'laho muheetum bil kaafireen.]

Or imagine the rain laden cloud in the sky, with darkness, thunder and lightening , and they insert their fingers into their ears to avoid the terrifying death from being struck with lightening! An attitude of indifference towards the laws of Allah has similar encompassing dimensions whether these religious persons reject or deny these laws. 2:19
[yakaadul baraqqo yakhtafo absa'areyhim kullamaa aadua'alahum mashow feehey wa iza azlamma aleyhim qaamo wa lao sha'allaho la zahaba bey sammeyhim wa absa'areyhim . in nallaha ala kulle shaiyin qadeer.]

When lightening flashes in the sky a curtain shuts off the vision. In this momentary brightness one may walk a few steps but then has to stop because of the darkness that ensues immediately. The religious persons, similarly, as a result of their persistent refusal to appreciate the significance of The Laws of Allah, have been blinded by their false beliefs. They have lost the ability to perceive and see. Indeed the Laws of Allah encompass everything. 2:20

Do you see how wonderfully the Quran describes the Religious Fundamentalists who in the garb of religion, exploit mankind? Indeed this is just
one paragraph from the first two or three pages of this Glorious Book. The entire program of the Quran is miraculously amazing. The Quran challenges those who reject its authenticity to come forth with a superior program than what it presents. Here is a program of economic justice and equilibrium encompassing all spheres of life. In essence, the Quran provides the fundamental basis of a program for the establishment of peace and happiness in the world. It calls its program ISLAM, meaning PEACE. It reveals to us that Jesus and Moses and Abraham and Noah were all provided with precisely similar revelations in order to establish God's Order of Peace,[ Thy Kingdom come. ] Their Program, according to the Quran too, was ISLAM or establishment of PEACE. That is exactly how the Quran describes Jesus in a full chapter devoted to his life and mission and at several other places. The Quran tells us how such previous revelations in the Bible and the Torah had provided guidance to mankind.

The Quran exposes these vultures, the fundamentalists, that thrive in the name of God. It describes the journey of mankind from an initial state of eternal happiness , how out of vested interests and temporary gains, these fundamentalists transformed the revelations to suit their ego, and instead of establishment of a the Kingdom of God , this altered Bible established Christianity as an Organized Religion, a kingdom of ceaseless exploitation, how this exploitation engulfed the world and how all religions were made, splitting mankind into schisms and groups. All Mankind is One Nation, declared the Quran fourteen centuries ago. One Nation under God, declares the American Pledge today. What a lovely coincidence!!!

Religious fundamentalism is a highly complex mental state. It thrives on hatred and ignorance. When people ask me how old is the Islamic Religion, I reply, it is perhaps only about 300 years old or so. This I say because , fourteen hundred years ago, what Mohammed had preached was not a Religion. His teachings were indeed the most powerful blow to the very foundations of Religion. Religion thrives on ambiguity and miracles. Mohammed declared that in this Universe there is One set of Laws that governs the Universe. These laws are Universal and would not change for anybody no matter what magical words or mumbo jumbo he utters or what rituals he engages in. Mohammed delivered mankind from superstitious beliefs through education and reasoning. Mohammed's ideology of a One Allah,
One set of Laws governing the physical universe, Laws that change for no one, challenged the essence of religion which preached that miracles could happen through circumventing these laws. Miracles essentially imply multiple Gods, multiple set of laws! Religion thrives on miraculous happenings. Mohammed's teachings welcomed reason and logic. Through reason and logic one will always arrive at a correct conclusion. There is only One correct answer. There can be several wrong answers but only One correct answer.

" Indeed if you disbelieve what I preach, then come up with a reason." The Quran condemned blind faith and promoted conviction. In reality it struck a death-knell to Organized Religion which preached blind faith. In harmony with these laws of Allah and by the Establishment of The System of Government
( Al Salat ) and The System of Economic Justice with charity towards all
( Al Zakat), Mohammed of Arabia was able to liberate mankind from the shackles of exploitation, superstition and religion. What followed was a spread of his order which like wild fire, over a period of just fifty years, engulfed half of the entire globe. From the sands of Arabia to the farthest outskirts of Asia and Africa, the mankind sang the song of Mohammed, the Quran. This meant Liberation from man made religion! Liberation from the shackles of priesthood! Liberation from the injustices of inequality! The Eid is indeed the traditional celebration, rejoicing Freedom and Liberation. It is celebrated in recognition and appreciation of this miraculous revelation called THE QURAN. [ Quran: Arabic, meaning , "A Proclamation of LIBERTY , for all times." ]

The Quran is indeed a Charter of Liberty for the entire mankind. It liberated man from the shackles of religion, racial discrimination, economic inequality and granted free Justice . Thus post- Quran mankind dawned into an entirely new era. Indeed the Renaissance of Europe followed by the Industrial Revolution owes its glory to Mohammed of Arabia because of whose painstaking efforts mankind had been liberated from an age of Magic into an age of Reason. Who can deny that the liberation of human thought from the shackles of Religious superstition, the creation of a free society with equal opportunity and justice for all was the first great stride of mankind. This is how The Age of Reason dawned over Europe.
Mohammed's Islam was in essence what we may call Quranocracy. Each man was his own priest. There was no middleman between man and God. No agents or priests to grant penance. No perverts listening to confessions. No Mullahs. No Pundits. No Clerics. No Mythology . No superstitious rituals. The hallmark was an establishment of The System of Government ( Al Salat and Al Zakat) creating an equal distribution of wealth in a society in which those with extra money were happy to part with what was over and above their needs in favor of the have-nots for a reward in the hereafter. A connection with the hereafter was the only practical way for the establishment of a stateless and classless society. Where Karl Marx failed, Mohammed succeeded. Within a period of fifty years the very cattle grazing Bedouins were now making great strides in the fields of Astronomy , Algebra and Medicine. They were head and shoulders ahead and above their Asian and European counterparts.

How, over the passage of time, Islam got transformed into a Religion is indeed a very painful but an interesting historical phenomenon. This involves the interplay of several forces of human history. Precisely how the radical teachings of Jesus were gradually transformed into a Religion is story well described in the Quran itself. Kings and Rulers out of their vested interests and the human mind with its tendencies to follow the path of least resistance lead to this transformation. Perhaps mankind was still too immature to adopt this highly transcendent ideology. The initial momentum from the period when Islam was a living ideology however provided a great impetus to The Believers. For over six centuries they were the masters of the World in culture and scientific learning. They were pioneers in the fields of Astronomy, Medicine, Algebra, Physics and Chemistry. Their children today spread over half of the globe, are trapped in the very shackles of Religious Fundamentalism from which Islam had once liberated the entire mankind. They can only talk with pride about their glorious past. Nothing but misery is their fate. Such are the rewards of Islamic fundamentalism. This is the fate of a Religious culture. The Quran calls this the Doom. It warns of such a miserable Doom for those that follow the Disbelievers. In contrast, the liberated western philosophers proclaim and propagate the very principles that shine through the verses of the Quran. Slavery is abolished. Democracies are established. A concept of separation of the Church and the State prevails. Fundamental rights of equality and social justice are recognized
and adopted. Freedom of speech and freedom to love and live happily is proclaimed. The United States of America is the most illuminating example of people that live in the liberty and freedom which the Quran proclaims. Americanism is Mohammed's ideal. It is a society in which The Quran lives by night and by day. Liberty and Freedom and the pursuit of happiness. What else is the Quran about?

The turn of the last century heralded a very strong movement of Islamic reconstruction and the reestablishment of Mohammed's Quranocracy. There was a very strong move towards revivalism of Mohammed's ideology of human liberty and the creation of a free society where mankind could flourish fearlessly. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan ( 1898) , Iqbal (1936) and Jinnah ( 1948) were the stalwarts of this great movement. Not to forget Ayub Khan, the graduate from Aligarh who strived hard for the establishment of a society free from the shackles of religion. Indeed Pakistan was created in order to reestablish Mohammed's Quranocracy and The System of Al Salat and Al Zakat. The religious fundamentalists opposed the creation of such a Pakistan tooth and nail. To them
Al Salat meant "prayers" and Al Zakat meant "alms and charity". When nations decline, their language attains a new passivity of meaning for all phrases that represented alive and active institutions. A negation of self, an order of worship, rituals and prayers, a belief in miraculous happenings and superstition had become the hallmark of this pseudo-Islam of the miserable Muslims. A revival of Mohammed's Quranocracy implied death to their established institutions of exploitation. The capitalists feared that Pakistan was going to be a harbinger of death to their system.

After Pakistan was established no effort was spared by the Mullahs in averting the establishment of Quranocracy. Quranocracy meant liberty and freedom from the shackles of the Mullah. "Every person will be his own priest for there is no priesthood in Islam. There is no theocracy in Islam," declared Jinnah the founder of Pakistan.

" Islam is prospective, not retrospective. It is a vis a fronte not a vis a tergo." declared Dr. Iqbal. To the Mullahs of the India of the 1940's , Iqbal and Jinnah were evil. They were dubbed as Kafirs or heretics. Iqbal won't go to the mosque to pray and such was Jinnah's misdeed too. Little did they understand what Salat meant for Iqbal and Jinnah. It meant the establishment of The System of which the Islamic prayers were just a part of. The word " Salat" had been reduced to a ritualistic prayer in the period of Islamic decline and decadence. Indeed the words of the Quran had acquired new meanings in the realms of Religion. Iqbal strived hard for the creation of an independent homeland for the Muslims where the System of Salat could again be reestablished. He challenged Communism and Marxism and declared Quranocracy as the System that would imply the ultimate in human equality and happiness. He gave the Pakistan idea, to acquire a country where he desired to establish this system in order to be a model for the rest of the world. He died in 1938. Pakistan was established in 1947.

"Kabhi Ay Haqeeqat-e Muntazir Nazar Aa Libase Majaz Mein
Kay Hazaron Sajday Tarap Rahay Hein Meri Jabeen e Niaz Mein"

Following the creation of Pakistan, the three forces of evil got set to work one more time. The Pharaohs, the Qaroons and the Ha'mans spared no effort in preventing the establishment of Quranocracy. What resulted was a far deeper establishment of a new kind of Islamic Church. This is as evil as evil can ever be. Islam that once symbolized the eradication of these forces of Priesthood that stood between Man and God, itself became its own antithesis. A new cult of Mullahs came into existence. A unique dress code for the clerics developed. A new fashion called the Hijab or the Veil developed for the women, alien to the teachings of the Quran and hitherto unknown in the history of Islam. This Hijab is Islam's latest step towards Catholicism. The Quran does not even mention the word Hijab for dress code. It ordains both men and women to dress modestly. Men must cover their genitals. Women must cover their genitals and their breast. It does recommend that if women go out to places where they fear they may be mistaken for indecent women (hookers) they should clad themselves in a manner as to look distinct and different from these women.

There is no Priesthood in Islam. The word Mullah is an Arabic word yet even the use of this word is not found in any of the annals of early Islamic history. The concept of a Mullah's is entirely new. It is a part of the pseudo-Islam. When a schism arrived between God and State the Mullah was born. This schism is against the teachings of the Quran. As evil as any fundamentalism can be, the Muslims today are engulfed by these demons of ignorance. Kings and capitalists promote them because they can sing to their tune. Vice versa they proclaim the Divinity of the Kings. I do not intend to go into details of the various forces of history that seem to be responsible for the reactivating of Mullahism. Its a long story. Mullahism is lawlessness in its worst form. Mullah were reactivated to serve a political purpose.

If one word describes the character of a Mullah it is this: Character less. A Mullah is anarchy personified. Anarchy is a double edged sword. After it kills the enemy, it comes back at you to get you. Iqbal is known to have remarked in jest,
" There are so many similarities between the Mullahs and the snakes. Just as there are different types of snakes there are different types of Mullahs. However there is one difference between the snakes and the Mullahs. Amongst the snakes you will find one type which is nonpoisonous. There is no such type amongst the Mullahs."

What an observation.!

But what about the "Ulema", the religious scholars? Well, lets ask the Quran what it implies by the word "Ulema." In our world of today the word Ulema implies an Islamic Cleric or Scholar. This word is mentioned only twice in the Quran and on both occasions it implies The Scientist.

" Have you seen that Allah causes water to fall from the sky and produces therewith fruit of diverse hues, and among the hills are streaks of white and red, of diverse hues and some raven-black. And of men and beast and cattle, in like manner, diverse hues. It is the ULEMA amongst His servants that are able to appreciate the magnitude of this creation and the Laws governing these and feel the wonder and are struck with awe! "

The above verses bear a clear reference not to Religion but to the Sciences of Geology. Alas! The Islamic Ulema of our times have since long, relinquished from this task of studying sciences and are absorbed into activities that are only rituals and ceremonial. Institutional Religion involves such absurd complexities that there is no time left to study the sciences.

"They have hijacked Islam," remarked President Bush. I again say that this is indeed the statement of the Millennium. Hallelujah !!!

How can one even think of these beasts as being representatives of the greatest peace lover that ever lived upon this earth, Mohammed, who named his entire mission of life as Islam, meaning peace. If we do not have another Jinnah or Ayub Khan to fearlessly liberate us from these forces of evil then let President Bush do that. Allah and his Messenger will be so delighted that at last there is a someone that is fearlessly going after them. We need to expose the real faces of these charlatans and clowns who are a disgrace to humanity. The name Mohammed's , the most beautiful name, shall forever continue to shine, as the name of a man that delivered mankind from these evil mongers and haters of everything that is good and beautiful. When Mustafa Kamal Pasha, the founder of modern Turkey launched his movement of eradicating the Islamic world of the Mullahs, the women as far away from Turkey in the Punjab, sang songs in his praise.

Way Mustafa Kamala Teriyan door Balawaan, Tenu Rab diyan Rakhan.
O' Mustafa Kamal , God Bless you! May you never see any pain!
May you live for ever.

Women of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and the entire Islamic world are looking forwards for their saviors to arrive. Mullahism is a version not of Islam but of mental illness. Mental illness destroys an individual. Mullahism destroys nations and people. The bells of Liberty are ringing loud in the Islamic world. This pseudo-Islam, manufactured by the Taliban of different ages and times, must go. This is the hour of The Proclamation.